SoBa Yoga class

SoBa Yoga class

SoBa yoga classes are an energetic + dynamic practice, with flows that integrate a balance of strength + flexibility, ensuring the body is ready for the class’s peak pose. yoga sequences will challenge your cardiovascular fitness as you move, sweat, stretch + breathe. no two classes are ever the same, but there is a consistent focus on alignment, posture, strength + connection to body.

About the teachers – Brittany and Ellysha

Brittany is one of our freshest instructors + already receiving all the love from our creatures. Brittany’s focus is on vinyasa yoga – a warming + challenging flow.

Our main yogi Ellysha is constantly taking on the challenge of a booked out class, so she knows a thing or two about leading the room. in the studios, Ellysha’s class styles are vinyasa, vinyin + yin. each of her sessions have an everchanging central theme – a topic for your mind to focus on as your body flows on the mat.

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