Things to do in the Valley

Valley Pool, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Limes Hotel has a partnership with the Valley Pool. Once you check in, feel free to ask us for a ticket that will give you free access to the venue.


Holey Moley Brisbane, Fortitude Valley

Looking for something fun to do with friends or family? This mini golf resort is located inside a beautiful church! With drink specials going on weekly, you can book and have a wonderful way to pass the time. 9 Holes is currently $16pp, and 18 Holes is $30pp.


Chinatown, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

This area lights up at night with beautiful, red lanterns to light your way down the path! If you are looking for some delicious Asian food, look no further. This place also has many souvenir shops if you are looking for some presents to give to your family or friends.


Concerts, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

The Valley is also known for an area where a lot of concerts and events are held. With walking distance from places like the Tivoli and the Jubilee Hotel, it is great place to be if you have an event during your stay.

Leisure Drinking

Want to kick back and relax with the some friends or colleagues but don’t know where to go? Don’t worry, we got you! The valley has a multitude of relaxing places to catch a bite or sip on some wine/cocktails.


Cloudland, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

During the day, an Italian restaurant named Cloudland, places first on the list for being a luxurious place to meet up with friends and grab some lunch as well. This place also turns into a marvellous club at night, one of the best in the valley for an all-around experience.


James St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

James st. is a roughly 10 minute walk from Limes Hotel. This area is a street long, and has many boutique shops, cafes and restaurants that will take to your liking. There is something for everyone in this area!


Kings St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

With this popular street only being a 5 minute walk from Limes Hotel, this is where a lot of dinner/brekkie café options are held. From French pastries, to luxurious Italian, Vietnamese and Mexican type cuisines.


The Valley is also known for its vigorous nightlife. With many different clubs to choose from, we helped picked the top few that the locals love to go to!


Prohibition, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

This club is one of the most popular ones here in the Valley. Located right next to some late night bites, this place brings out people of all ages. Women get free entry and the main source of music is EDM, Hip-Hop and R&B.


The Beat, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

The Beat is best known for their LGBTQ friendly vibes. With 5 different dance floors, and drag shows throughout the night, it is no wonder this club places in the top rankings. Each floor plays a different style of music, and you will always leave with more friends than you came with!


Birdees, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

This underground club is the next popular club on the list. Although it is considered small for a club, it makes up for the music and how crowded it gets on the weekends! Backpackers are known to meet up here and have a night out.